Hey All,

My name is Emily, I am a twenty something teacher, graduate student, nerd, and Army reservists. I joined reserves because I felt like I could be doing more with my life and enjoy the feeling of purpose.

When I was first joining I had a thousand questions for my recruiter or just wanted information on events that would be happening, and I wasn’t sure how to get the info I wanted. There is definitely a lack of info all in one place. I am hoping my blog will shed some light on the process and give others a piece of mind considering the same process. I also got this idea from a fellow reservist but she’s Air Force, if you’re looking to join that branch I highly recommend her site. She doesn’t update as frequently anymore but her information is still solid. Check out Erin here. Erin’s site helped me tremendously when I was deciding between branches.

I will post when I can, as you can see my blog will sometimes go unwritten in for months. Whoops! Have an idea or question for a blog post just contact me or leave it in the comments.